Frequently Asked Questions

Online Program Training

  • What are the objectives of Project ALERT teacher training?

    The primary purpose of the Project ALERT training is to learn how to teach Project ALERT with fidelity in the classroom. The main objectives of the training are:

    • to help you understand the content and processes around which Project ALERT is based;
    • to model and practice key activities in the curriculum;
    • to encourage fidelity when using Project ALERT; and
    • to increase your confidence in teaching the curriculum

  • Which educators should be trained?

    Project ALERT training is intended for middle school core teachers, Substance Abuse Prevention coordinators, science, health and PE teachers, school counselors, school nurses, and anyone else who directly implements the curriculum in the classroom or who has oversight responsibility.

    Since Project ALERT spans two grade levels (7th and 8th grade), it is important to train teachers delivering the core lessons as well as those who will be delivering the booster lessons.

  • Do you offer in-person training workshops?

    Yes! Feel free to contact us at to inquire about in-person training options. You can also contact our senior trainer, Dr. Pamela Luna, directly and let her know your interests and parameters and she can provide an estimate of training costs for you or your organization.

  • How does online training work?

    Project ALERT online training is web-based, so educators can participate from the convenience of home, school, or anywhere they have access to a computer and an Internet connection. Online training offers a distributive learning environment; two courses (the 11-segment core lessons and the 3-segment booster lessons); a choice to complete both courses or complete one at a time; and an opportunity to review and refresh skills on any aspect of the training at any time.

    You can sign up for a free Project ALERT user account to have free unlimited access to the online training here -

  • What are the minimum system requirements for viewing or using Project ALERT online training?

    1. Project ALERT is optimized for modern browsers. The following free browsers are supported:
      Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Adobe Acrobat Reader
    2. JavaScript must be enabled.
    3. A current version of Adobe Flash Player must be enabled.

  • Can I preview the Project ALERT Training?

    Yes. Click here and view the 'Demo Lesson'.

  • How can I register for online training?

    You can register through our online form.

  • Can I start and re-start portions of the training?

    Yes. The program is self-paced with 11 Core lessons and 3 Booster lessons that present teachers with a simulation in which they teach a virtual class. A tutorial and trial session will introduce them to the training interface. Once teachers have accessed a particular lesson, they may return to it at any time.

    As teachers progress through the training program, they receive frequent and tailored behavioral feedback (coaching), and learn how to implement a variety of teaching techniques, such as brainstorming and role-playing.

  • Can I become certified to deliver Project ALERT lessons/curriculum to youth?

    Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Training once you finish the lesson modules (all free and online at or complete an in-person training with a RAND Project ALERT trainer.

    You can sign up for a free Project ALERT user account to have free unlimited access to the online training here - You can also organize/attend an in-person training by contacting us at

  • How many lessons do I need to complete to become certified?

    There are 14 lessons (11 core lessons and 3 booster lessons) you’ll need to finish before you can become certified and receive the certificate of completion. Each lesson will take about 30-60 minutes to complete.

    This link,, shows the list of all 14 lessons.

  • How long does each lesson take?

    Depending on your skill level and computer proficiency, each lesson will take between 30-60 minutes to complete.

  • Why is the online training not working?

    If you find the online training is not working:

    • Try using a different browser (if you’re using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Google Chrome)
    • Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player
    • Make sure there is no firewall protection that is preventing the online training from loading

    If it’s not one of the above:

    • Check to see if one of the “students” has their hand raised - look for the ‘glow’ around the hand to notify that you need to click on the student to continue
    • In some cases, if you are unable to move onto the next screen in the online training, you may need to “zoom out” – this will make the ‘Continue’ button show up for you to move on to the next training module
    • You might need to try it on another computer
    • You may need to have an IT person look into the problem

  • How do I advance to the next lesson?

    On the page that displays all of the lessons,, select the button named “Continue Online Training.” This will launch your next lesson.

    If the training does not advance to the next lesson, try refreshing the page (click your F5 key on your keyboard).

    You can also try switching browsers. In other words, if you’ve been using Internet Explorer, try using Google Chrome, or vice versa. The training is also fully compatible with the Firefox browser.

    The system will always remember how far you’ve gotten in your training, so there’s no need to worry that it will “forget” where you were or how much you’ve completed. If you need to open up a new browser or switch computers to continue, you can pick up right where you left off.

  • How is learning progress measured?

    A Scores icon displays evaluations of the teacher's behavior, based on nine teaching strategies that are critical to successful program delivery. These strategies, drawn from research on effective learning and behavior change, include fidelity, validation, proximal goals, respect enthusiasm modeling, reinforcement, resistance self-efficacy, and active student involvement.

  • Are there downloadable support materials?

    Yes. Curriculum materials are available from the My Project ALERT Dashboard for download and sharing with colleagues. Additionally, at the end of each online lesson, teachers may download lesson plans, fact sheets, and other classroom materials. The Resources menu provides links to a variety of resources, including Project ALERT newsletters, information about confidentiality and drug policy, as well as links to relevant web sites.

    You can also find the full 14-lesson manual here.

  • Is training compatible with an iPad or other tablet running Android?

    Yes. You will need a current version of Adobe Flash Player in order to go through the online training, regardless of the device your are using. You can download Flash for Android using the instructions at the following Adobe help page:

  • Do I need Adobe Flash Player installed to do the training?

    Yes. You will need a current version of Adobe Flash Player in order to go through the online training, regardless of the device your are using.

  • How do I receive my certificate of training?

    You will receive your certificate of training once you finish all 14 lesson modules. The certificate will be automatically sent to your email address, and will arrive within 24 hours of completing the training.

  • Can I access my training certificate online?

    You can now access your certificate of training completion from your Dashboard! Simply login to your account and click on the link under 'My ALERTs'.

    Within 24 hours after you complete your training, an electronic copy of your certificate will be emailed to you.

    Login here.