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Intensive Support for Project ALERT in Your School District

Potential Opportunity Offered by RAND

Implementing alcohol and drug prevention programs well can be difficult for busy schools. The RAND Corporation is applying for funds from the National Institute of Health (NIH) to provide implementation support—using the Getting To Outcomes® (GTO) approach—to select districts and educators for Project ALERT, an evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention program. 


What is Project ALERT?

•An alcohol and drug prevention program that has been proven to help middle school students avoid drinking and drug use 

•Online lesson plans, teaching materials and student handouts for 14 sessions (eleven 7th grade sessions and three 8th grade sessions)

What is Getting To Outcomes (GTO)?

•A 10-step process to plan, implement, self-evaluate and improve programs

•Delivered through online training, guides and tools – along with 1-to-1 technical support – that will help educators implement Project ALERT well

•GTO has been shown to help providers run alcohol and drug prevention programs more effectively

Participating schools will receive GTO and Project ALERT training, materials and support for implementation

•All districts will be asked to deliver Project ALERT to at least 40 middle school youth over two years.

•Participating districts will receive intensive support for use of Project ALERT through GTO. GTO includes training, access to an online interactive web portal, and 1-to-1 technical assistance. However, not all schools will receive access to the web portal at the same time. Decided at random, half of the schools will start using the portal in 2015 and the other half will gain access in 2017.

•Educators in the GTO group will communicate with GTO staff regularly about their use of Project ALERT and receive fast feedback for planning and teaching lessons.

Assessing the effectiveness of the GTO Web Portal

•RAND will survey students right before they participate in Project ALERT and at two additional timepoints. Youth will receive a gift card for completing a survey. Educators will participate in annual surveys and interviews with RAND over the course of the project. Educators will receive a free gift card for participating in any survey or interview. 

*If interested in this potential opportunity, contact Julia Kaufman at or 412-683-2300, extension 4499, to learn more and/or place your school district’s name on the list of participants that will receive free support if NIH funds this study.

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