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There's Even More To Love About Project ALERT

100% Free. Digital. Easy and Intuitive.

Project ALERT is now 100% online.

Remember the advent of the laptop? Then tablets and smartphones came along. There are apps, e-books, streaming videos and more. Project ALERT gets it. We’ve taken a big step forward by making our entire program digital. And free.

Welcome to Project ALERT, Version 2011–12 

The new Project ALERT website is designed for the way you work today. We are introducing new eReader technology that allows you to access the Project ALERT curriculum and training program entirely online. The approach makes teaching our program easier than ever.

The new “reader” software works on tablets and virtually any computer. All you need is an internet connection.

Everything you need is neatly organized and accessible right on your screen. Point and click to turn lesson plan pages, call up student handouts, find resource materials and even share documents. With the entire program at your fingertips, you can access and print out program materials at your convenience to complement the way you teach.

Goodbye paper. Hello savings.

Why be bound to the past? The digital era allows us to bypass the need for traditional binders and preprinted materials. Many teachers have trained online this way. Going 100% digital in the classroom is a natural and cost-effective next step.

Advantages of the new online Project ALERT

Free. And easy.

“The program is free? How can that be?”

If we were a commercial business, you might think we were having a fire sale or going away. Quite the contrary. Project ALERT is one of the most widely accepted and effective substance abuse programs in the country, used by more than 4000 school districts and 21,000 middle grade teachers. We’re not going anywhere—except rapidly into the future.

“Okay, so why are you providing online open access?” Glad you asked.

1. Eliminating Your Cost – By offering the entire Project ALERT program online, we avoid the costs of binders, printing, DVDs, postage and other expenses. With the savings, we can eliminate your cost of acquiring the program. How great is that! What’s more, having our program online makes it easier for us to update lesson plans, videos and other materials. You can have current information more quickly.

2. Ease of Use – Many teachers already use Project ALERT’s online training and resources. We think that most, if not all, teachers will also take advantage of easy to use online access to lesson plans, posters, videos, as well as email-ready parent and student handouts.

3. Greening – The digital age offers benefits beyond the classroom. Putting our entire program online is part of a larger plan to be kind to our planet—so future generations will have a greener place to live and learn.

4. Technology Alignment – Students are growing up in a digital age. It’s only natural that we offer our program, including communications with students and parents, through the technology tools of today.

5. Efficiency – Doing more with less is an idea for the times. Our new approach supports the current needs of education, and the way students are learning, sharing and communicating every day. 

What’s online and how things work

All lesson plans and reference materials
The entire Project ALERT curriculum is accessible online and easy to teach from a computer. From each lesson, you can draw on all the supplemental materials you need without having to jump to another web page. By simply clicking on hotlinks, you can call up reference materials and organize your teaching strategies. Student handouts and homework are right at your fingertips for printing out or emailing to parents and students.

You say it’s easy to stay on the same page while I access my training and teaching materials?”

Absolutely. Our site is completely reconfigured using smart technology. Gone are the tedious “back and forward” modalities that can leave users frustrated and literally “lost” within a site.

“How exactly does that work”?

The training and teaching process has a “dashboard” from which you can access desired materials without having to track forward and backward on the site. It’s very intuitive and practical—almost like arranging printed documents on your actual desk, but in a smaller footprint—all on your screen.

Streaming online videos just a click away
Previously, the Project ALERT videos were on a DVD included with your Project ALERT kit. Now the videos are easily accessed from the Project ALERT website under Resources. They are also available on YouTube and TeacherTube, along with previous Project ALERT classroom videos.

Posters to display
Project ALERT posters can now be displayed onto classroom monitors or screens via your computer. And coming soon, they’ll be available for download.

Online training
More good news: You no longer need an access code to train. Just set up your free account. It’s part of our open approach to making Project ALERT accessible to as many teachers as possible.

How easy is it? Ask any teacher who has completed our training online and you’ll probably hear words like these: “convenient, thoughtfully organized, easy to use, who needs a workshop?” In fact, thousands of teachers have used online training with success.

Other viewable and downloadable materials
Project ALERT’s new site will still feature a large library of additional documents for viewing and downloading, including the following:

•    Implementation Tips
•    Assessment Tools
•    Research
•    Content Alignment
•    Logic Model
•    Case Studies
•    Newsletters
•    Drug-Use Statistics
•    Resources + Links
•    Perspectives from our staff

Here at Project ALERT, we’re all about the solution. We understand budget cuts and shifting priorities. We’d like to help you move forward by making our proven-successful Project ALERT program easier to adopt and use.

After all, what could be more important for middle grade students today than substance abuse prevention? When drugs, alcohol and inhalants get in the way, the entire educational experience suffers. By making our program free, we make it easier for you and your students to get the substance abuse prevention they need.

Technical Support
We’re here to help!

If you have any questions or encounter any challenges with the new online Project ALERT, we invite you to contact us in the way that works best for you.

You can still receive the curriculum materials and teach like before. A limited supply of Project ALERT kits are available for the cost of shipping and handling. And Project ALERT will still offer training workshops on request at cost.

Stay in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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