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Fall Systems Go!

Back-to-school is back! While many of you are just now returning to your classrooms, some of the luckier teachers and administrators in southern California started shaping impressionable young minds way back in August. Whatever your starting gate, all of us at Project ALERT are sending our best wishes for a successful school year!

In prepping for this issue of the Educator, we’ve learned that the controversy over teen vaping is really heating up. New laws, new-found health risks, and pricey devices are each playing a part in a troubling dialogue.  But the attraction continues and marketers are pushing harder than ever to give kids their first puff. Check out the update from contributing author and Project ALERT trainer, Dr. Pamela Luna. Wondering about how you can successfully implement or enhance Project ALERT in your classroom? We’ve included 7 Tips for Facilitators that give some great ideas about how you can stay current, involve students, and increase program visibility and buy-in. Finally, some new supplemental guides on e-cigs and marijuana will soon be joining the Project ALERT curriculum. We look forward to getting your feedback on these updated materials. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Educator!

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