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Hot Off the Presses: Project ALERT Gets an Upgrade

The Project ALERT team has been working hard this summer to provide you with an enhanced web site experience! Here are some highlights.

Most notable is our new FAQ, which provides answers to a myriad of questions about the online training modules and program implementation.

A new Getting Started page is now available for those new to our web site and training modules. 

No more clicking on 14 separate files!  The full Project ALERT implementation manual—all 373 pages—is now available for download in one fell swoop.

Core Lesson 4, as well as other places throughout the manual where prevalence of use data is noted, has been updated.  These data, released yearly from the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future study, will now be updated in the Project ALERT manual on an annual basis, so you can be sure that you’re disseminating the most current use data to your students.

We’ve updated some old links and added new ones on our Resources and Links pages. We think you’ll find the added teaching tools very useful.

Our new iTunes Podcast will be helpful for instructors that don't have Internet access in the classroom. Now you can display lesson videos while offline. See complete instructions here.

Finally, in response to the current opiate epidemic, please check out the newest addition to our series of supplemental guides, Heroin and Other Opioids: Information and Facts for Educators and Youth.  We hope you will set aside a few minutes to review some important facts and statistics about this issue with your students.  As with our recently-published supplements on marijuana and e-cigarettes, we kept the reading level appropriate for middle schoolers, making the guide suitable to use as a hand-out.



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