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New Year, New Goals…and New Updates!


Welcome back, everyone! All of us at the Educator hope your summer was relaxing, invigorating, and—most of all—that it felt unusually long. Here’s to a new school year filled with promise and possibilities!

This issue of the Educator is packed with news about some very significant program updates. But first, we invite you to check out everything you ever wanted to know about heroin and opioids from contributing author and Project ALERT trainer, Dr. Pamela Luna. We feel this “opiate primer” is full of excellent information and a must-read for those implementing Project ALERT at their schools and organizations. Thanks, Pam!

And with heroin still buzzing on the 24-hour news cycle, hot off the presses is Project ALERT’s newest supplemental guide, Heroin and Other Opiates: Information and Facts for Educators and Youth. We recommend some focused discussion on this rising epidemic as time allows.

Next, we've revamped our Project ALERT web site! We've updated links and pages, and added many new features and resources. See details below, and check it all out at projectalert.com.

Finally, we’re having a video contest! Want more details on how your school can participate and have their video attain “official Project ALERT status”? See the announcement below.

Enjoy this issue of the Educator! As always, we encourage your feedback on all of our recently updated materials. Thank you!





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