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Fall Focus: The Peer Effect


Welcome back, Project ALERT All-Stars! We say this every fall, but we hope your summer break was your best one yet!


Indelible Impacts 

As another new group of expectant adolescents sits ready to be enlightened by your musings, we at the Educator are recalling the lasting, positive impressions of Ms. Cox, Mr. Earley, Dr. LaBrie, and Ms. Lizarraga. These motivating and thoughtful instructors gave us confidence, support, and direction as they unlocked a world of new ideas and opportunities. In some cases, if just for a season, they became our friends. Others became instrumental in our career trajectories.  Still others became lifelong colleagues. Have you stopped to consider the impact you may have had on some of last year’s students?


Indelible impacts, perhaps just as long-lasting, are also made by our peers. This is the focus of the Educator’s feature article. What can happen when even just a fraction of the student body participates in a school’s voluntary drug prevention program and then talk about it with their non-attending friends? Can the decisions of a few impact those of many in considering the choice to experiment with alcohol and drugs? Read some surprising findings below.


State of the Program Survey

Winter survey results are in! Once again, we’re tremendously grateful for our program partners that took the time to let us know how (and if!) they are using Project ALERT, what has been most beneficial about the program, and what suggestions they have for enhancing the curriculum.  See the recap of results from Director Eric Pedersen.


Refresher: Project ALERT Teaching Strategies

Every instructor teaches Project ALERT a little differently. But what are the core strategies critical to effective program delivery? Check out our refresher article, “9 Teaching Strategies of Project ALERT,” and re-familiarize yourself with these aspects of implementation that are key in cultivating the best results for your students!


More Updates to Proyecto ALERTA

The Educator staff is excited to announce some updates to our materials in Spanish. Check out the latest version of our manual completo, as well as the newest member of el grupo - our Spanish marijuana supplemental guide.


Here’s to a new year filled with promise and potential! As always, we are here to help with any questions and website issues. Contact us at 1-800-ALERT-10, or send an email to projectalert@rand.org.


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