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¡Noticias de Última Hora: El Apéndice de Marihuana!

Marijuana Supplemental Guide Now Available in Spanish

The Educator staff is excited to announce our first Spanish supplemental guide. El Apéndice de Marihuana is now posted on our Proyecto ALERTA page and ready for download.  Just like its English counterpart, it includes the most updated information on marijuana as well as answers to many typical questions asked by middle-schoolers. This is a great way to help your students be prepared for real-life situations, especially in the current and ever-changing legal climate.

Project ALERT supplemental guides contain the most current information available on e-cigarettes, marijuana, heroin/opioids, and club drugs like ecstasy, LSD, and stimulants. They can all be found here, under the Resources, Links & Supplements menu on our website.

All guides have been written at a 7th grade level to ensure that Project ALERT students can easily understand the material. We recommend printing them for your class as a take-home tool, and letting your students know that they’re available online 24/7!

Please send us an email if you’ve been using these guides, and let us know what other substances/topics you might want to see covered in future supplemental guides.


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