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Project ALERT Home Learning Opportunities

Core Lessons

Lesson 1 - Test Your Drug IQ. Students and parents independently compare their answers and discuss them. 

Lesson 5 - Parent/Guardian Interview: Peer Pressure. The purpose of this activity is to stimulate home discussion of peer pressure to use drugs and to involve parents in the curriculum. 

Lesson 6 - Internal Pressure Scenarios. Sharing thought processes with their parents helps student to think things out and opens better lines of communication about important stresses and pressures. 

Lesson 8 - Oral Report on Inhalant Abuse, Family Evaluation Form. The oral report that students prepare as homework to give to their parents is designed as a tool for encouraging family discussion. The evaluation is not intended to grade or actually evaluate the performance of the student, but rather it’s a device to engage the parents in the homework assignment. Many parents are not fully informed about the dangers of inhalants and have an opportunity to learn right along with their child.

Lesson 9 - Oral Report on Drugs, Family Evaluation Form. This assignment functions in much the same manner as the inhalant homework in Lesson 8.

Booster Lesson

Lesson 2 - Parent/Guardian Questionnaire, Resisting Pressures. A lot changes in the life of an adolescent in one year. This assignment gives parent and students a chance to revisit attitudes and strategies for resisting drugs one year later.

The Home Learning Opportunities, in both English and Spanish, can be found in My Project ALERT under the corresponding lessons.

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