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Tip of the Month

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, teachers may be wondering how this affects the way Project ALERT is taught. The answer is, neither state legalized marijuana for those under 21. As far as youth are concerned, marijuana use is illegal - just as it is illegal to buy cigarettes, to buy or drink alcohol, or to take un-prescribed prescription pills.

The probability of doing something you might regret while under the influence of marijuana remains unchanged, as do the physical ramifications (lung damage, altered hormonal levels and damage to the immune system). Dealing with marijuana in discussions becomes more like dealing with alcohol. A key tool/activity within Project ALERT is the exercise that compares alcohol and marijuana and their impact (Lesson 1, Activity 4).

We came across a blog post that we think you will find worth reading -

Marijuana and Teens: a complex and risky relationship


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