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Heroin: 60s Street Drug Makes It to the Suburbs

There are few weeks in the school year as definitive as Spring Break.  It seems to take forever to arrive, but once the brief respite is here and gone, there comes the sudden realization that there are just a few short wisdom-imparting weeks left before summer will be squarely upon us.  All of us at Project ALERT hope your final stretch will be an exciting and productive one!


It’s difficult to turn on the news these days and not hear a story about the alarming rise in heroin use.  Among our staff at the Educator, just in the last several weeks, we’ve seen reports on 60 Minutes, PBS’s Frontline, and ABC’s World News Tonight.  New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Ohio have all been featured as just a few of the states facing serious public health and law enforcement challenges as heroin use increases.  We at Project ALERT would especially recommend watching the PBS Frontline special “Chasing Heroin” at your earliest opportunity, currently streaming for free on pbs.org. We found it quite interesting to see the link between a major pharmaceutical company and the recent street opiate surge. Note how one of the more progressive cities in the Pacific Northwest is taking on the problem with a novel approach called the LEAD program.


Has this issue affected your communities and/or schools?  Are you seeing or hearing about more cases of student experimentation and use?  Please let us know, as we are in the early stages of preparing a heroin and opiate guide to supplement the Project ALERT curriculum and would like to hear your thoughts from “ground zero.”  Thank you!

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