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Lindsey's Choice Video Contest Deadline Extended!

Lindsey filmstrip 4

We’ve received some excellent submissions for the Lindsey’s Choice video contest.  Thank you, future Hollywood screenwriters!  We’re anxious to see your finished results!


Here are some responses to contest questions we’ve received:


  • Does it have to be about social pressures to smoke?  Yes. Future contests will have different themes.
  • Can the characters have different names?  Yes, but Lindsey stays Lindsey.
  • Does it have to be at a movie theater or can we use another venue?  Change it up!  Just use a location where teens hang out – a coffee shop, a school, a dance (just not a “rave”)


We’ve extended the deadline to May 15, 2017. Can you think of a more awesome end-of-a-long-school-year project for your students?  We can't.


Submission forms, contest guidelines, and prize information can be found here. 


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