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Project ALERT Lesson Videos - Available on iTunes!

Is your school wired?  We sure hope so - it is 2017.  How reliable is your organization’s Internet connection?  If it’s either spotty or non-existent, we want to remind readers that all of the videos that accompany many of the core and booster lessons are now available via iTunes Podcast.  If the lack of online access in your teaching setting has been an issue, you now have an additional way to download and store video content on personal and classroom computers.  And in true Project ALERT style, the videos are available at no charge to users!


Getting Started (you will need online access to begin)

You will need online access to start the process, and you will have the choice either to stream the videos online or download the videos to your iTunes library for offline viewing. Once you download and save the videos, and as long as you keep a version of iTunes on your computer, online access will not be needed to play the videos. 


  • If you already have an Apple ID and an iTunes account, you can log in and go straight to our Podcast page
  • If you do not already have it, please follow this link to download iTunes onto your computer. If you do not have an Apple ID, it takes just a few minutes to create one.  Initially, you will need to enter a credit card when you create your profile, but after your account is set up, you can opt to edit or remove your credit card information by following the instructions on this page.


Locating, Viewing (or “Streaming”), and Downloading the Videos in iTunes

Initially, you will need Internet access to either view (“stream”) and/or download the videos.


  • Follow this link to the Project ALERT iTunes Podcast
  • When the Podcast page appears, click on the blue “View in iTunes” button
  • The Podcast will appear in iTunes, displaying the 16 videos you can either view or download
  • To stream a video, hover your cursor over title of the video you want; a blue arrow will appear to the left of the title; simply click on the arrow to watch/stream the video.
  • To download and save a video, click on the “Get” button in the far right column (click on the actual word “Get” and not on the little drop-down arrow next to it)
  • The video(s) will download and become a permanent part of your own iTunes library


Playing Downloaded and Saved Videos

·    Next time you’re teaching one of the lessons in a setting without online access:


  • Launch iTunes on your computer
  • Click on Podcasts in the left navigation bar of your iTunes library
  • Select the video(s) that accompany a particular lesson that you’d like to show


It’s that easy!  We encourage you to give it a try, and send us some feedback to let us know how it’s going.


“Old School” Methods Are Still Available

If you prefer, the lesson videos are still available for online streaming via the Project ALERT website, and our You Tube page.  

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