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Now Available: New Supplements on Marijuana and E-Cigs

Project ALERT has recently published two very timely supplements – one on marijuana and one on e-cigarettes. Both guides include basic information (e.g., what does marijuana look like?) as well as current and more complex facts and messages (e.g., isn’t vaping better than smoking regular cigarettes?). These resources serve as complements to the Project ALERT source materials, with content and language accessible to both educators and students.

Initiatives for recreational marijuana use will show up on several states’ ballots later this year, including California, Florida, Maine, and Nevada.  Other states are watching closely as they gather required signatures with sights set on the 2017 ballots.  And because e-cigs are now more popular with youth than traditional cigarettes, and with many states and locales reconsidering the legal age limit, it’s definitely time for some increased situational awareness about vaping.

As we kept the science-speak to a minimum, we feel that both supplements are suitable for handing out to students.  However, we felt it was important not to shy away from important terms like cannabis sativa and cannabidiol, and to include information on new practices like dabbing (quite a dangerous one), that adolescents should be aware of.

Please consider these publications as complementary material to Core Lesson 2, Consequences of Smoking Cigarettes and Core Lesson 5, Social Pressures to Use Drugs.  They can provide some helpful assistance when implementing these sessions.

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