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Hot Off the Presses! "Proyecto ALERTA" Spanish Manual Update!

The Educator is excited to announce that our Spanish manual has been updated.  Throughout all the individual lessons, you’ll find new information on e-cigarettes and marijuana, as well as the most current prevalence of use data available from Monitoring the Future.  We’ve also given the lessons a new look, with a layout that is more consistent with our English versions.  We think you’ll like these updates a lot, and you can be confident that you’re giving your students the most up-to-date information on a variety of topics related to substance use prevention.


The Educator would also like to acknowledge the efforts of program staff Marylou Gilbert and Diana Naranjo for their excellent work in updating these translations and adding a lot of new and vital material to the curriculum. See our Proyecto ALERTA web page for more information.


If you’re using the Proyecto ALERTA curriculum in your teaching setting, we would love to hear your feedback.  Send an email to and let us know how it’s going or how we can help.

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