Make Way for Summer!

With another school year in the rear view and another summer in the headlights, the Project ALERT team congratulates our teachers, school administrators, and other community organization leaders on another great year of fierce dedication to our nation’s youth.  Thank You! We’d li...
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When Pot is Legal and Parents are Users: How Can Project ALERT Educators Respond to Students?

Rising to the Challenge in Colorado

by Andrea Warren
Since 2014 and the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Project ALERT teachers have faced a dilemma: how can they effectively help teens decipher confusing messages about the safety and health consequences of marijuana now that it’s legal recreationally and some students’ parents g...
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Reflections on Our First Year of Project ALERT

by Eric Pedersen
Dear Project ALERT community,This July will mark the one-year anniversary of Project ALERT moving back to RAND after 23 years at the BEST Foundation. I want to thank you for your continued investment in this program. We here at RAND have thoroughly enjoyed learning from many of you what we can do...
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