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Project ALERT Turns Up the Heat on Prescription Drugs

Tackling the many issues surrounding illegal drug use with students can often feel like an uphill battle.  But there are always bright spots in the challenge and plenty of reasons to keep pushing forward.  Project ALERT remains committed to helping teachers and other community leaders inform youth about the negative impacts of substance use.  This edition of the Educator connects you to several interesting updates on the rise in prescription drug misuse among adolescents.  See how introducing the effects on brain development to the conversation and other innovative approaches are helping to deliver important information to students at several middle schools; we think you’ll agree with the positive way some West Virginia University undergrads have taken time to “pay it forward” to some much younger scholars.

Our Project ALERT Prescription Drugs page can be found here. Take some time to review our supplemental manual and explore our resource guide on how to enhance your sessions with prescription drug information.  Also, check out the Project ALERT video on prescription drugs on YouTube.

Whether you’re hunkering down in Hackensack, soaking up the sun in Sarasota, or planning your escape route from El Niño in East L.A., Project ALERT wishes you a Happy New Year and a wonderful winter season.  And remember…Spring Break is just around the corner!

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