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Winter Heats Up: New Legislation Can Spur New Conversation

In case you hadn’t heard, election results are in! Educator staff were watching closely on November 8th as several significant decisions were made regarding both recreational and medical marijuana legislation. Project ALERT director Eric Pedersen recaps the highlights below in this issue's Ballot Brief.

Last summer, Project ALERT staff had the fortunate opportunity to work with Stephen Miller, M.A., a graduate student in psychology at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. Stephen has kindly contributed a summary from his chapter in the just-released book, The Handbook of Cannabis and Related Pathologies: Biology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Pharmacology (Elsevier Press). He provides Educator readers with some very practical advice about how parents can navigate the tricky task of talking to their adolescent kids about marijuana use in a neutral, nurturing, and positive tone while modeling important critical thinking skills. Please share these great insights with your friends and colleagues!

Finally, we’re excited to have received several entries for our first-ever video contest! Lindsey’s Choice from session 5 will be the first to have a fresh new look, modernized for our times. So get out that dusty A/V equipment (or an iPhone) and get those cameras rolling! Grand prize is $250 for your team! The deadline for submissions is approaching - don't miss out on this great opportunity to contribute to the future of Project ALERT! Full contest details can be found at

As always, thanks for your support of Project ALERT!


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