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Keeping Current: 2019 Manual Now Available

What are Project ALERT staffers doing every January?  If you guessed that we're sitting by our computers, logged on to the Monitoring the Future web site, and hitting "refresh" over and over again, and basically holding our breath until new prevalence of use data are published, then you guessed right!


Once again, we've updated several pieces of the curriculum.  This time each year, we incorporate revised use data reported for the previous year into the Overview and Core Lessons 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, Alternate 8, and 11.  One of the ways to increase program success is to be certain that we're conveying the most accurate and current patterns of use information to students.  Imagine if you were sharing 2017 vaping info with your class - you'd be way off the mark!  So, we encourage you to download and print the updated sections or take out your red pencil and apply these edits to your old version before presenting these lessons.


You can download the 2019 version of the full manual, as well as individual lessons, at

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