Fall Focus: The Peer Effect

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  Welcome back, Project ALERT All-Stars! We say this every fall, but we hope your summer break was your best one yet!   Indelible Impacts  As another new group of expectant adolescents sits ready to be enlightened by your musings, we at the Educator are recalling the lasting, p...
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The Peer Effect

How Individuals Can Create School-Level Change

by Michael Woodward, Project ALERT Technical Coordinator
 A recent after-school drug education and prevention program offered in 16 middle schools in 3 southern California districts found that a very interesting phenomenon had taken place - positive school-wide effects despite a relatively small percentage of students attending the program.[1] &...
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Refresher: The Nine Teaching Strategies of Project ALERT

by The Project ALERT Team
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The methods used to teach Project ALERT are just as important as the material itself.  This article presents nine strategies important for successful program delivery that have been integrated into the curriculum. How are they being implemented in your teaching setting? 1.  Resistance ...
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¡Noticias de Última Hora: El Apéndice de Marihuana!

Marijuana Supplemental Guide Now Available in Spanish

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The Educator staff is excited to announce our first Spanish supplemental guide. El Apéndice de Marihuana is now posted on our Proyecto ALERTA page and ready for download.  Just like its English counterpart, it includes the most updated information on marijuana as well as answers to ma...
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