Helping Students Understand the Dangers of Inhalants

by Jo-Anne Bowen, PhD, Project ALERT Trainer
Students are curious about inhalants. They already know that being around substances like paint thinner, fingernail polish remover, hairspray, airplane glue or gasoline can make them feel a little light headed, and it’s possible they’ve heard their peers talking about getting a buzz or feeling hi...
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Prevention Programs in Middle School May Reduce Later Prescription Drug Use

by Join Together Staff
Substance abuse prevention programs that begin in middle school may help deter prescription drug abuse in later years, new research suggests. Scientists analyzed findings from three studies of family- and school-based prevention programs designed for rural and small-town middle school students. ...
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Children More Likely to Accept Drug Use if Parents Admit Past Substance Use

by Join Together Staff
Middle school students are less likely to think using drugs is bad if their parents told them about their own past substance use, a new study finds. Children whose parents warned them not to use drugs were more likely to avoid them, ABC News reports. The study by researchers at the University of...
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