Project ALERT goes South… to South America that is!

by Pamela Luna, DrPH, MEd
BEST Foundation program manager Leslie Aguilar is accustomed to receiving inquiries about Project ALERT. She has been responding to such requests for the past 13 years. As Leslie describes it, “It’s just what I do”. However, in May 2012, she received a request from a rather distant location—6,000...
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Rx for Understanding: Free Online Tool to Teach Students

Medicine—whether over-the-counter or prescription—is an important part of a modern health care system. Who would want a world without penicillin or acetaminophen? But medicine is only effective when it is used properly, and for young people moving to adulthood, learning how to use medicine proper...
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Tip of the Month

Project ALERT has tools for educators wanting to address Rx drugs in their classrooms. A Supplemental Resource Manual provides clinically accurate, accessible, up-to-date information about over-the-counter cough and cold medications, prescription painkillers, sedatives, steroids, and stimula...
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