Vaping Makes History

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Unless you've been hibernating in an Icelandic snow cave, you've likely seen some of the recent headlines about how e-cigarette use among youth skyrocketed in 2018.  What was once considered by many to be a passing fad is becoming more entrenched in the culture. Many of today's adolescents h...
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Charting the Trends of 2018: MTF Reports Some Flatlining, Some Decreases, But Then There's Vaping…

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In 2018, about 44,500 students in 392 secondary schools in the United States participated in the Monitoring the Future prevalence of use study, with sample sizes of about 14,800 in 8th grade, 15,100 in 10th grade, and 14,500 in 12th grade. Here's what trending for past-month use among 8th graders...
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E-Cigarette and Vaping Supplement: Check Out Our Latest Update

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JUUL?  What's a JUUL?  Is juuling different from vaping?  What's a mod?  Is there nicotine in an e-cigarette?  Are e-cigs safer than tobacco cigarettes?  Do e-cigarettes deter kids from using tobacco?  Are they legal for teens?   These questions are on th...
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Keeping Current: 2019 Manual Now Available

What are Project ALERT staffers doing every January?  If you guessed that we're sitting by our computers, logged on to the Monitoring the Future web site, and hitting "refresh" over and over again, and basically holding our breath until new prevalence of use data are published, then you gues...
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What You Need to Know About JUUL

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This brief fact sheet provides some very helpful information about JUUL, the nation's most popular brand of e-cigarette.  This can be a useful resource for educators as well as a great take-home tool for students.
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