Winter Heats Up: New Legislation Can Spur New Conversation

In case you hadn’t heard, election results are in! Educator staff were watching closely on November 8th as several significant decisions were made regarding both recreational and medical marijuana legislation. Project ALERT director Eric Pedersen recaps the highlights below in this iss...
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Ballot Brief: Marijuana Gains New Ground

Voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada passed historic marijuana ballot measures last November, bringing the total to eight states and Washington, DC that now have expanded laws allowing for legalized recreational marijuana possession among adults aged 21 and older. All eight stat...
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Parenting Matters: Preventing Teen Marijuana Use

by Stephen M. Miller, MA
The recent shift in societal norms surrounding marijuana use may be cause for alarm to some parents of adolescents.  Several states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and a few even for recreational use, putting the drug on par with substances like alcohol and tobacco. With even more ...
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Call for Actors, Writers, and Filmmakers: Lindsey's Choice Is Getting a Fresh New Look!

Lindseys choice_thumb
The deadline is fast approaching for Project ALERT's first-ever video contest, as Lindsey, Diane, Mike, and Eric from Lesson 5’s Lindsey's Choice will be getting their long-awaited upgrade! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to contribute to the future of Project ALERT! Sub...
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Charting the Trends: 2016 Sees Welcome Lows

According to newly released data from Monitoring the Future:   Marijuana use in the past month among 8th graders dropped significantly in 2016 to 5.4%, from 6.5% in 2015 Daily marijuana use among 8th graders dropped in 2016 to 0.7% from 1.1% in 2015 The proportion of 8th graders wh...
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Project ALERT In-person Workshop Previews Proposed Updates on Opioids

Kern training 2_thumb
Senior trainer Pam Luna, DrPH, MST presented an in-person training in Kern County, California on January 20, 2017.  Thirty participants from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools AmeriCorps program who work in several schools were in attendance for the all-day session. This special train...
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