Fall Sends Us Back to the Front Lines

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  It seems there's nothing quite like a global pandemic to completely alter our reality - both actual and perceived. Did the break this year seem even more like a mere blip on summer's radar? And did fall's re-entry feel more like in-laws showing up "just for dinner" and staying a month? ...
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Project ALERT Partners with Getting To Outcomes (GTO) for 5-Year Study

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Are you serious about empowering middle school aged students to resist and reduce the use of drugs including alcohol, tobacco/nicotine, vaping, marijuana, and opioids? Do you want to enhance student social-emotional learning, including communication skills, self-efficacy, and positive deci...
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Distance Learning Guidelines for Program Implementation

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Many of you have inquired over the past few months about distance learning options. Project ALERT has some recommendations for maintaining fidelity as you switch delivery modes in the current school year.  With all our materials being free, online, and in the public domain, we feel we might ...
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Updated Manual Now Available

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Thankfully, our continuing lockdown hasn’t hampered our productivity too much.  In fact, it feels like we’ve never been busier!  Over the last couple of months, we’ve been making significant edits to make our annual revisions to the instruction manual, including updati...
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New Poster Available for Prescription Opioid and Heroin Lesson

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Hot off the presses is our newest poster on opioids.  The latest addition to the group is part of the plan to retire Lesson 8 on inhalants (this will eventually be retooled as a supplemental guide) and officially replace it with the newer lesson on prescription opioids and heroin.  &nb...
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Inhalant Lesson To Be Retired, Making Way for Opioid Content

Over the next few months, we’ll be making some additional changes to the curriculum. Our longstanding lesson on inhalants will pass the baton to our newer component on opioids, which was originally published in 2018 as an alternate to Core Lesson 8. The opioid lesson is scheduled to ta...
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