Heroin: 60s Street Drug Makes It to the Suburbs

There are few weeks in the school year as definitive as Spring Break.  It seems to take forever to arrive, but once the brief respite is here and gone, there comes the sudden realization that there are just a few short wisdom-imparting weeks left before summer will be squarely upon us.&n...
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One City's Novel Approach to a Rising Epidemic

In the PBS Frontline special, Chasing Heroin, Seattle takes center stage as a city in distress.  But rather than seeing the rise in heroin use and addiction as solely a criminal problem, an innovative harm reduction program called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) takes...
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Project ALERT + iTunes = More Options!

Project ALERT is very excited to announce that all of the videos that accompany many of the core and booster lessons are now available via iTunes Podcast!  If the lack of online access in your teaching setting has been an issue, you now have an additional way to download and store video ...
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Just Released: New Supplement on Marijuana

Project ALERT has just published a new supplement on marijuana.  It includes some of the basics (e.g., what forms does marijuana come in?; why does it make you “high”?) to more complex information and current issues (e.g., is marijuana addictive?; what is medical marijuana?...
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Monitoring the Future Releases 2015 Findings

The University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future national survey of substance use among students in U.S. middle schools and high schools has released results from 2015. Overall, for 8th graders, use of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and a number of other illicit drugs remained stea...
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Word on the Street

Is all the talking in code making you wonder what you're missing?  If you need a lesson in heroin lingo, check out some of the latest urban slang and find out when chocolate chip cookies aren't really chocolate chip cookies.
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