Communities Begin Responding to Vaping’s Banner Year

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Welcome back, Project ALERT All-Stars!  We hope the summer was just the respite you needed before your deep dive into the new school year.  A special welcome to our newest program partners salmon fishing in Kennewick, WA, backpacking in Jackson, WY, and kitesurfing in Kaneohe, HI. Aloha...
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Will you help enhance Project ALERT by completing a brief 4-question survey?

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Feedback from our program partners has always been a key component in the success of Project ALERT.  Now we’re teaming up with an innovative implementation tool called Getting To Outcomes (GTO).  GTO is a toolkit organized around a 10-step process to help communities plan, impleme...
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Nicotine Reimagined...Again

Non-combustibles?  Heat-not-burn??  Fresh menthol heatsticks?? The ‘IQOS’??  The name sounds a bit like one of those prehistoric birds from the last Jurassic Park movie, but since it’s the brain child of Philip Morris, it’s more tiger crouched in a field of ...
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Revisado para 2019: Proyecto ALERTA manual gets its annual update

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Our Spanish curriculum has been updated to reflect the most recent 2018 prevalence of use data published by Monitoring the Future.  The full manual is available for download, as are the individual lessons.  Want to save a few trees?  The core lessons that have been updated are 1, 2...
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Observing Trends Over Time: The Pre- and Post-Test Survey

Our pre-/post-assessment survey has been updated to include mentions of vaping and e-cigarettes.  We’ve also added a few items on prescription painkillers.  At over 60 questions, this is indeed a long survey, but it’s one of several tools you can use to measure changes in pe...
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