Project ALERT Stars in College/Middle School Alliance

Dr. Darren Roesch, Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center’s Rangel College of Pharmacy in Kingsville, Texas, developed a popular elective for his doctor of pharmacy students called “Licit and Illicit Drug Use, Abuse, and Addiction.” In addition to regular lectures and exams on ...
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Darren M. Roesch, Ph.D.,<br />A Professor of Pharmacology Speaks...


Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have now outlawed criminal penalties when marijuana, or cannabis, is used for medical purposes. As a result of this rapidly changing political and legal landscape, it is a growing concern among educators and health care professionals that the increasing...
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Project ALERT Student Handouts Are Now Emailable!

Put away your printers everyone, because the Project ALERT Student Handouts can now be emailed directly to your students! Simply login to your Project ALERT user account from your computer or smartphone and select the desired lesson from your Dashboard. The Student Handouts can be emailed, in Eng...
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2011 Prevalence of Use Statistics

Young people are using drugs. And when students think everyone is doing it, using tobacco, marijuana, alcohol or inhalants... they may feel more pressure to use them too. When students overestimate the number of their peers who are involved in drug use, they are less likely to perceive social ...
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