Downloading Project ALERT—Just Clicks Away!

The Tempe Coalition, a partnership between the City of Tempe, AZ and Tempe Community Council, conducted a Project ALERT training utilizing lessons and posters they downloaded from Project ALERT. Tempe Coalition workshop planner, Cassidy Olson, gave the process a big thumbs up, “I found it was ver...
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National Drug Facts Week—Jan 27 - Feb 2, 2014

National Drug Facts Week (NDFW) is a health observance week for teens that aims to shatter the myths about drugs and drug abuse. Through community-based events and activities on the Web, on TV, and through contests, NIDA is working to encourage teens to get factual answers from scientific experts...
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Project ALERT in the Bronx—A Counselor's Story

My name is Simone Crichlow and I am the ADAPP Counselor at Saint Joseph School located in the Bronx, New York. ADAPP stands for the Archdiocese Drug Abuse Prevention Program. In my role as ADAPP Counselor, I provide individual and group counseling services as well as substance abuse prevention ed...
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