Back in Class

by Pamela J. Luna, DrPH, MST
This is a story of one of your fellow teachers, turned Project ALERT (PA) Trainer, who went back to the classroom.  You may be wondering why I would do such a thing, the answer is simple, well sort of…I did it because of you.  When I say “you”, I mean for all those...
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Making the Case for Project ALERT

by Jo-Anne Bowen, PhD
Sometimes we’re called upon to be cheerleaders for Project ALERT. If you hear someone in the community or in your school object to a course on drug resistance being taught in the schools, help them understand that contrary to anything they’ve heard about other drug education classes, Project ALER...
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2010 Prevalence of Use Statistics

Young people are using drugs. And when students think everyone is doing it, using tobacco, marijuana, alcohol or inhalants... they may feel more pressure to use them too. When students overestimate the number of their peers who are involved in drug use, they are less likely to perceive social sup...
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