Infusions for a New Generation

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Once again, we got distracted for a few minutes/months and now find summer so close we can almost taste the watermelon and potato salad.  We hope it’s been a stellar year for our Project ALERT partners.  We have so many teachers, school guidance counselors and resource officers, c...
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Coming in Fall 2018: New Core Lesson on Prescription Painkillers and Heroin

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Recent headlines seem to be dominated by news about the opioid epidemic in the United States.  As rates of opiate use by middle schools are still quite low, it can be a bit challenging to present material about these drugs in an applicable and understandable way. However, most 7th and 8th gr...
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Buds in Your Blue Moon - and Other Joint Ventures

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With the legalization of the sale and possession of recreational marijuana in several states has come a flood of clever inventions and marketing campaigns, causing many of us, especially educators of youth, to adopt a fully openmouthed posture. "How'd they even think of that?"  "I wouldn't h...
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High on the Agenda: Marijuana on Several State Ballots This Fall

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After coming off the 2016 high of 5 state victories, 2017 turned out to be a bust for pot, with at least 6 measures in 3 states failing. As is typical in non-election years, the advertising dollars weren't there, issue visibility was minimal, and voter turnouts were low.  But the tide of leg...
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